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New Album by Aureliaslight


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ASCENSION the Full album available September 15th 2023 

It's Time to Bridge Heaven and Earth

About the album

"I wish we could play your voice from the clouds for all to hear"  

Music Fan 

ASCENSION is the 8th album by Aureliaslight.  ASCENSION takes you right into the heart of what the earth is shifting into. Healing, Magical and Transcendent medicine music opens the heart, connects to the soul and lifts the frequency.  Each song is exquisitely healing and sacred in its reflective harmonics of nature and tuning one towards the Divine.

Aureliaslight Bio .jpg

Aurelia of Aureliaslight is an award winning recording artist, composer, music educator, sound healer and spiritual teacher. She has studied music and sound and its effects on consciousness for over 25 years and has taught over 15, 000 students and counting how to connect to their spirit through the sacred art of music using their own voices. Having studied at WSCU, Manhattenville and Juilliard School Aurelia (previously known as Jennifer Zulli) received her BA and MS in Music and Music Education with a concentration on ethnomusicology, sacred music, shamanic,  and choral music.


Aureliaslight  has released 8 albums since 2010 focusing on healing, frequency, spiritual awakening and the ascension of consciousness and was the Founder and Director of SOUND Center for Arts  & Mindfulness in 2012. She has sung on albums with Deepak Chopra, Krishna Das, Paul Avgerinos, Jai Uttal and many other conscious artists. Her healing song based on the Ho’oponopno practice from her Goddess Rising album has streamed over 1.5 million times just on Spotify alone. 

In 2022 she opened the Aureliaslight Music and Sound Healing Academy in which she offers digital courses and programs for those looking to expand their consciousness and intuition using music and sound. 


In 2021 after the death of her soul mate she had a NDE (near death experience) which was  life transforming  and soul expanding. This experience left her with more access, spiritual gifts and openness to the other side and dimensions of consciousness.


She always believed and now knows that we are frequency based energy beings having a temporary experience to expand and refine our soul, create our reality consciously and to become the highest and fullest version of who we truly are which is pure love.

Paul Avgerinos

Multi Grammy ® Award Winning Producer and Recording Artist

Aureliaslight is a pure channel of high vibration music. 
With an angelic voice she infuses her rich productions with healing, uplifting, calming and deep spiritual power.  

Links to file downloads are included below


ASCENSION in MP3 Audio Form





At First Light

Ascension of the Earth


The Sacred Path

Nature Spirits

Angels of Healing

Forest Bathing

Healing Resonance

Twin Flames Journey

Breath of Gaia

Bending Reality

You are the Ascension

Recent and Upcoming Events, Interviews and Podcasts
For booking please contact

  • Summer Solstice Sacred Sound Healing Event at Sticks and Stones Farm and Retreat Center in Newtown CT June 24, 2023

  • Jeff Mara Podcast Interview and Sound Healing June 14 2023

  • Guest Speaker and Teacher for Healing Wednesdays Circle of 12 with Lee Carroll of  Kryon July 16th 2023

  • IANDS Conference Workshop Presenter August 30-September 3rd 2023

  • Double Digit Activation with Adironnda, Marilyn and Joeaux Podcast and Show November 2nd 2023

  • Jonathan Goldman Healing Sounds September 13th at 9 AM PST

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