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Vocal Sound Healing for the Root Chakra


“Vocal music is considered to be the highest, for it is natural; the effect produced by an instrument cannot be compared with that of the human voice. However perfect strings may be, they cannot make the same impression on the listener as the voice which comes direct from the soul as breath, and has been brought to the surface through the medium of the mind and the vocal organs of the body.” The Mysticism of Music, Sound and Word Did you know that all thoughts, feelings and mental processes are sound? Everything about you is in a constant state of vibration and your state of consciousness is a direct reflection of your frequency. This introductory vocal sound healing course is created for those who would like to enter in the world of vocal sound healing and learn to use their voice as an energetic tool for healing, spiritual alignment and empowerment. In this course you will experience: ⚜️A deep connection to the grounding of the earth ⚜️The understanding of the root chakra and how important it is for stability and the bases of the 7 major energy centers ⚜️The incredible healing power and potential of your Divine instrument (Your voice). ⚜️Moving lower frequencies of stored energy such as fear, survival mode and ungroundedness by using sound and intention. ⚜️The deep connection and alignment of the energetic bodies. ⚜️A release of anxiety stemmed from not being safe and secure in the self ⚜️The feeling of more security, grounding and rooting and in oneself

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