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New Album

For Your 2024 Grammy® Award Consideration
Best New Age, Ambient and Chant Album

"Aureliaslight is a pure channel of high vibration music. With an angelic voice she infuses her rich productions with healing, uplifting, calming and deep spiritual power"

Paul Avgerinos 

Multi Grammy ® Award Winning Composer, Artist and Producer

Ascension Cover Art Final .jpg

Ascension takes you right into the heart of what the earth is shifting into. Healing, Magical and Transcendent medicine music opens the heart, connects to the soul and lifts the frequency. Each song is exquisitely healing and sacred in its reflective harmonics of nature and tuning one towards the Divine.

"Your voice. You just open up and you are there.

I just want this to go on and on"

KRYON | Lee Carrol

International Channel,  Author & Spiritual Teacher

It's Time to Bridge Heaven & Earth

Thank you for visiting and listening to my new album ASCENSION.  I wanted to share with you a little background behind the inspiration of this work. In April of 2021 my soul mate died unexpectedly. 

The heartbreak and trauma that occurred after was all encompassing and created the stage for my NDE (near death experience) .


I died and left my body 3 weeks after he did.


I ended up in the black void speaking with God telepathically and he invited me to come home (back to heaven and the spirit world) and because I was so heartbroken I really wanted to go. 

But I chose to come back to earth because of my children and to continue my mission; to sing and compose music for God, healing and humanity's Ascension process. And to share my story that we indeed do go on and love is all there is. 

My spiritual gifts have enhanced greatly after my NDE. I can connect to the angelic realm, and the frequency of Divine Love and to my soul mate and others who have crossed over.


This album is dedicated to all those who are choosing the vibration of love, compassion and heart centered path. 

With Love

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