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Powerful Group Sound Healings

Invite and Book Aurelia for Your Location , Celebration or Venue

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Service Description

When properly mobilized, sound can specifically entrain the human organism toward the greater harmony and homeostasis that it requires to remain vibrant and to regenerate after injury or illness. The properties of sound medicine—entrainment, harmony and homeostasis—represent the rational and spiritual foundation for a new movement in the healing arts and sciences,” according to Mitchell Gaynor, M.D., the late integrative oncologist who was passionate about using sound to help heal his patients with cancer. Music and sound used as a tool for healing is deeply rooted in ancient cultures and civilizations. Schools of ancient Egypt and Greece considered healing and sound a highly developed sacred science. The flute and lyre were used to treat illnesses such as gout and sciatica. When illness set in, Native American shamans used their own voice in healing rituals by singing to themselves to facilitate healing. Creating light through vocal harmonics was utilized by Mayan shamans. Hindu Ayurvedic medicine and traditional Kundalini yogic practices have used the breath-chant combination to balance the energetic centers and cleanse the subtle energy body for thousands of years. In early Christianity, Gregorian chants used certain melodic and harmonic structure that helped prepare for accessing a heightened state of divine awareness and power. The common denominator in all of the ancient healing wisdom is the knowledge and understanding that humans are beings of vibration. Everything vibrates; it is vibration that we see, hear, feel and experience on our earth journeys. When our bodies are ill, when we have chronic pain, depression and anxiety, it is our bodies’ way of telling us we are not in vibrational harmony. Is “dis-ease” a physical manifestation of stored pain, trauma, emotional blockages or deep conditioned thoughts and beliefs that need to be brought to the surface, attended to and released? How does sound and music help to attain whole being healing? When body and mind are given the proper tools for energetic release and vibrational alignment, the body can then heal from the inside out. Use of Tibetan singing bowls can bring brainwaves from alpha to theta, which creates a deep state of relaxation, harmony and balance. Because of the multiple harmonics, the sound can have the effect of bringing both hemispheres of the brain into synchronization. Sound can be the medium that transports a person to an elevated state of consciousness.

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