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Vocal Sound Therapy

Pinpoint the areas blocking you from expressing your authentic self!

  • 45 minutes
  • 150 US dollars
  • Location 1

Service Description

A Vocal Sound Therapy Session is a session in which we together review the client’s overall soul expression in this lifetime and pinpoint the areas and blockages in which the client is stuck or blocking oneself from living and experiencing their full and highest expression of their being. Using Aurelia’s unique combination of vocal techniques from 20 years of practice and teaching which include energy techniques, sounds and tones that open the flow of the energy centers, breathwork and certain frequencies and mantras from ancient indigenous and cultures. When the client’s own voice, intention and focus can be directed and understood this creates a profound release, shift and new awareness. This movement and shifting of energy through working with the sacred tool of the voice and frequencies can assist the clients into deeper connection with the higher self and a clearer way of navigation and flow in our transformation of consciousness. The goal is to support the client in using their own healing instrument of the voice to unblock the 5th chakra, the throat energy center connects to the higher realms of consciousness and the energy of one’s soul’s truth. This energy center is profoundly connected to emotions and the mind and your basic needs and universal cosmic self. Many women struggle with this energy center as it relates to one standing in the truth of one’s essence and spiritual power, expression with clarity and balance and knowing one’s self worth. Any head, neck, shoulder, throat and thyroid issues can be connected back to this energy center being blocked or out of balance. 4 sessions are recommended for this deep work Clients will have homework between session to support the work, develop their vocal tool and own their self healing practice 4 sessions are optimal for receiving the full experience and benefits of this work Please email to make an appointment

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