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Introduction to Vocal Sound Healing for the Heart

Take a Deep dive into the Heart with Vocal Sound Healing

Sound is the medicine of the future and the future is NOW

What you will learn and experience in this
Introductory Vocal Sound Healing Course for the Heart

Did you know that all thoughts, feelings and mental processes are sound? 

This introductory course created is created for those who would like to enter in the world of sound healing and learn to use their voice as an energetic tool for

healing, spiritual alignment and empowerment.

This short course is focused on the heart because it is through the heart that the most powerful energetic shifts can occur.

What Past and Current Students Say

Melinda U

Stellar! I love  the simplicity of this course!! It cuts straight to the heart. I am so deeply struck by the truth that we all need to find our voice and strengthen it. It gave me SO much power.

The lessons are deeply beautiful and RESONATE SO DEEPLY.

Love love love !!!

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