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"Our voices are Sacred mouthpieces of the Divine.  Each of us holds a key to a most powerfoul tool for healing, expansion and transformation. 

The time to learn how to use this is now."



"Aureliaslight has the unearthly ability to convey beauty and nurturing, with mystical and ethereal qualities simultaneously, with her voice.

Her ability is extremely rare, and amazingly engaging and effective. The voice of Aureliaslight became the moving musical conveyance, of the haunting spiritual beauty that inspired Dante to write one of the greatest literary masterpieces in human history, in exile from Florence, in medieval Italy, over 700 years ago"

Brian Keane

Emmy, Grammy, and Oscar winning composer



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It's time to bridge heaven and earth

Welcome Beautiful Beings,

Did you know that all thoughts, feelings and mental processes are sound? Everything about you is in a constant state of vibration and your state of consciousness is a direct reflection of your frequency. Music has been used since antiquity to relieve man of his ills, modify moods and support changes in states of consciousness and healing. All of creation comes from sound. It conveys to us that earth and all of the universe are born from sound and transformed into light.

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"She bathes the listener in waves of profoundly healing sound.  To listen to her gorgeous recordings is a magnificent gift to your soul.  I cannot recommend it highly enough."

Sonia Choquette

New York Times Best Selling Author; global speaker, world renowned Spiritual Teacher and Intuitive

​"Aureliaslight is a pure channel of high vibration music. With an angelic voice she infuses her rich productions with healing, uplifting, calming and deep spiritual power"

Paul Avgerinos

Mulit Grammy ® Award Winning Composer, Artist and Producer

Melinda U

“Just take a deep breath and be ready to be lifted up.  The compositions of her voice and music are gifts to be inhaled deeply and have the ability to lighten up the heaviest darkness.”
Listener & Workshop Participant

Latest Albums in the Mystic Season's Tetralogy 

A Mystic's Autumn by Aureliaslight, sound healing, sacred sound healing, autumn relaxing music
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