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To receive your complimentary
Sacred Sound Healing and Frequency Activation by Aureliaslight 

Register now by completing the form below. Only fill the form out ONCE as the Sound Healing will come in your email!

PLEASE check your email

as your gift is on its way!

Are you finally ready to discover what your voice truly is?

"Just take a deep breath and be lifted up" Melinda U

"UNBELIEVABLE transcendental experience in discovering the power of my own voice and the co- creative power of a group. Such an EXPANSIVE growth opportunity!” Kim O

"You just open up and you are there.
Your voice...I don't want it to stop"

Lee Carroll (Kryon)

The most powerful and transformational vocal sound healing program just for women is here.

How would you feel if you could

Reclaim your mind, Reclaim your heart

Reclaim your Inner and Outer Voice and Empower Your unique Frequency all by learning to properly use the sacred sound and tool of your Divine Instrument?

I believe you will feel DIVINE.

Fill out the form above and receive your complimentary

Sacred Sound Healing and Frequency Activation.

I look forward to seeing you on the inside. 

Music and Sound Healing Academy
All Rights Reserved 2023

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