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It is time to finally learn and experience how to 

 CONNECT deeply with your


and  FREQUENCY of your own voice?


Step into the Power of Your Voice

Vocal Sound Healing & Transformational Program for Women

Kim O  

(Sophia Code Circle Leader)

"UNBELIEVABLE, TRANSCENDENTAL experience in discovering the power of my own voice and the co- creative power of a group. Step into the Power of your voice is such an EXPANSIVE growth opportunity"

Why aren't you liberated today?
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Ladies if you are ready for metaphysical, spiritual and energetic TRANSFORMATION; then get ready to join thousands of students who learned to strengthen their connection to spirit by learning to use the Sacred and Transformational power of the voice.

Step into the Power of Your Voice

Vocal Sound Healing and Transformational

8 week program will leave you feeling

Empowered, Connected and Transformed.

"Aurelia embodies what it means to Step into the power of your Voice. She is a master healer, using her voice and music. I use so much of her music for my clients"

Marci Baron (Author & Energy Healer)

What if it is possible to learn to use your voice and frequency to:

  • Connect deeply with your intuitive and psychic nature

  • Acknowledge, honor, and release old wounds through the energy of your voice

  • Strengthen and support your natural immune system and lower your stress level through the releasing of endorphins from singing and vocal sound healing

  • Experience the incredible healing power and potential of the Divine instrument of your voice

  • Deeply connect and align with the body, mind and spirit through the sacred art of music

  • Let go of limiting beliefs that are holding you back

  • Identify and clear blockages in your own system to feel more empowered in your life. 

  • Connect to the deep intuition and wisdom you  hold

  • Expand of your state of consciousness using your own voice

  • Feel more connected to the true nature of your Divinity

  • Learn to Live from your ABUNDANCE

Well it is absolutely possible!
And the Step into the Power of your Voice program
will show you how

About Aureliaslight 

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Award Winning Recording Artist

Vocal Coach and Teacher
Music Educator BA MS 
Sound, Energy & Vibrational Master Healer


Aureliaslight is an award winning composer, recording artist, teacher and energy/sound healer, she’s taught over 25,000 students how the incredible power of sound, intention, and frequency heals and empowers the body, mind and spirit through the energy of singing and the sacred art of music. She's also an intuitive empath, reiki master, mystic and a mother and came into this work after her own spiritual awakening in 2006. She's on a mission to assist women of all ages to know and feel their own powerful divinity and help them transform their lives through their own energetic and artistic gifts.  ​ Her unique and transformational methodologies evolved from the combination of her personal award-winning musical talents, along with 20 years of intensive research in sound and music and their effects on consciousness, and a Masters of Music, including studies at The Juilliard School. As an award-winning recording artist, singer and composer, Aureliaslight performed on albums with Deepak Chopra, Krishna Das,  Paul Avgerinos and more and over the past decade has released 6 albums that are currently played on XM radio, yoga and healing centers and have been streamed millions of times.

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Normally to work with me privately; the teaching, vocal coaching and sound healing, instructional methods, and intuitive guidance I offer would cost well over $2900; But because I want to serve as many women as I can I have created this digital course to make it accessible for many more women to use and find liberation. It is time as women we learn to use our voices as the power house tool that they are, to let go of limiting beliefs that are keepimg us trapped in an old cycle and finally jump into a new paradigm. Empowered, Knowlegable and Transformed. Take it on your own schedule, in your chosen location, for a fraction of the price .

What's included in the program

  • Module I  Security, Safety and Embodiment

Get out fear and lack and move into confidence and inner strength

  • Module II  Ignite the Creative Passion Within

Connecting with the Divine Feminine

  • Module III  The Divine Will 

How and When to Stand in our Personal Power

  • Module IV  Opening the Gateway of the Heart (The access to higher dimensions)

Release and heal personal pain (grief and trauma and let in joy and bliss and self love)

  • Module V  Finding your Authentic Voice 

When the soul speaks we must listen

  • Module VI  Seeing Beyond the Illusion

Connecting to our intuition and opening the third eye

  • Module VII  Knowing the Divine

Opening the channel to Authentic Spiritual Power, Higher Knowledge and Wisdom

  • Module VIII  Creating and Impressing your Reality with the Divine Voice

Bridging the spirit realm and the earth realm

PLUS -Soul Accessing Guide to Subconscious Mind Re-patterning Music &

Audio to work the inner plane

And So Much More...
All included in the Step into the Power of your Voice Vocal Sound Healing Course Manual and Step by Step Coaching Videos

Best of all, NO Prior Singing Skills are required

3 Incredible Bonus Gifts and more on the way
Upon Completion of the
Step into The Power of Your Voice 


Bonus 2 Ho'oponopono Energetic Clearing Video Workshop ($100)

Bonus 1 4 30 minute Quantum Healing Distance Energy Healing Sessions with my team of Energy Healers ($600)

Bonus 3 Manifesting the miraculous
The Secrets to Conscious Manifestation
(Based on the Podcast)

Total Value of the
Step into the Power of Your Voice
Vocal Sound Healing and Transformational Program
with all the Bonuses

Total Value over $3,000

Today's investment for a limited time only $333

Monthly Payment Plans available

YES! I Am READY to commit and invest in myself and my soul's TRUE voice!

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Enroll Now and Get Instant Access

The Best Investment you can ever make is in your OWN FREQUENCY

Aureliaslight Music & Sound Academy All Rights Reserved 2023

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