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Freedom and Independence.

Have you ever stopped and thought what the meaning of Freedom is to you?

What does it mean to have Freedom in your soul or in your heart?

Freedom is a state of being and for me it brings up not fighting but Surrendering.

The creative process is a process of surrender, not control. As an artist and musician I have learned to surrender from a very young age to the notes on the piano or the sounds coming from singing my favorite songs. To me it was scary and exhilarating to close my eyes and trust an intimate process of creation coming through me that I had no control over.

Although the music looked like it was coming from my fingers and my mouth I was just a channel for something far greater than my little body. When I would play Beethoven I could feel his fire and passion and masculine strength and when I would sing J.S Bach’s/Gounod Ave Maria I could feel the love, devotion and yearning for the divine mother. Each of these experiences was an act of surrender for me through my medium, which is music.

Those notes were not mine I didn't write them I didn't write the lyrics either. They were written before me. Each time we choose to delve into an art form such as music, theater, painting, writing we surrender what WE ARE to something that we create in the moment or something that is created through us.

And the beauty of the creative moment is that it is the unknown;

We are in total Surrender.

This is where Spirit Dances and Plays through us.

This is the place where the Spirit (the spark), the Soul (the Essence) and Source (God Force) intertwine into a web of cosmic alignment.

Our lives are not different than a piece of music or art.

We are the Art in a continuous state of unfolding.

Unfortunately, due to where we have incarnated at this time many of us were taught from an early age to fear. We were taught to be subservient to indoctrination through schools, institutions and governments that are inherently not in the best interest of the people. But most importantly we were were taught and indoctrinated into not trusting ourselves.

Instead of modeling ways that a child can build trust within her inner being and surrender to that higher nature the child is "programmed" to trust everything else but her. How utterly ridiculous. It devalues the the connection to one's spirit and cuts off the connection to one's essence of truth.


We were encouraged to compare and contrast, to resist, judge, analyze and in order to survive we must hold on for dear life. We were programmed to believe what was in the left hemisphere of the mind (the masculine analytical logical side) is the truth. But we are now witnessing the way of the program is not only incomplete it is false.

The mind is the way of the Ego when one is stuck in the ego it becomes a continuous trap in the prison loop with no freedom to be found. The right side of the brain is the feminine side which holds the intuition, flow, creativity, and allows one to start to go beyond the limitation of one's logical mind.

When we start to connect truly with the heart and move into the sacred doorway that lies inside and we allow surrender to Now and the Flow, magic happens.

“When total surrender happens, suffering is removed, duality is removed, too” Mohanji

Inner peace requires us to surrender our illusions of control.

When we have the courage to surrender all that no longer serves a new beginning emerges transforming darkness into light. We become alchemists in the grand illusion of our earth experience. It is only when we have the courage to Surrender to the unknown is when we can access the True Force of our Nature.

And as the paradoxical creatures we are that would make the most sense.

Awaken the greatness within.

For “The greatness of a man’s power is the measure of his surrender” William Booth.

Five ways to practice Surrender:

  1. Seek moments of solitude and silence. Practice moments of mindful breathing and connecting to you heart throughout your day.

  2. Suspend your judgement of others and yourself.

  3. Practice daily gratitude to little things. Start with your pillow or a cup of hot coffee/ tea.

  4. Practice patience for whatever situation is occurring in your life. Take a break and do something else.

  5. Meet your resistance with an OPEN HEART. Notice- and say to yourself “Oh, there’s my resistance. What’s the invitation here for surrendering?”

I would love to hear more about what Freedom means to you. Please comment below.

Also listen to "I Surrender" from the 2014 album Goddess Rising. I sing about surrendering to the unknown and because of that surrender merging with cosmic source of all is possible.

I would love to hear more about what Freedom means to you. Please comment below.

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