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SOUND Healing Healing Benefits of the Tibetan or Himalayan Singing Bowls

Updated: Jun 28, 2023

The human body has been created with billions of cells that are essential to help us go about the business of our lives. Every living cell in our bodies has its electric field that causes a frequency of vibrations that occur entirely naturally. Interaction and communication in the human body happens not only chemically but by vibrational exchanges between our cells, and this creates a harmony in the body, upon which the well-being of every human being depends.

Our cells when in health and balance communicate perfectly through their interaction- Divinely dancing with one another, and with the help of frequencies of vibration of other organs, the body as a whole can function in harmony. In addition to this, our cells also interact with our external environment through these very vibrational frequencies.

Research conduct by scientists in the U.S. has been able to unearth evidence with the use of nanotechnology that living cells emanate a kind of squeal like sound, which further strengthens the theory that the cells in our bodies give off vibrations.

The research done on this subject has been groundbreaking and revolutionary for science and the world of medicine. Some scientists believe that in the future, just by listening to the sounds made by the vibrations given off in your cells could assist a doctor in knowing if you’re healthy or falling ill, sometimes even before any symptoms have occurred.

This finding by science is supporting the ancient knowledge of sound technology that is already deep within the Vedic and many eastern teachings and shamanic cultures. Science is a bit late to the game ;) but it is ok.

We are vibrating forms of energy and when all of our systems are not communicating effectively our natural harmonic resonance becomes dissonant. And that is when illness and dis-ease set in.

But luckily due to the law of vibration this also works in reverse.

Because we are vibrational beings, eternally vibrating with Source Energy we have the ability to bring balance and harmony back into the body by aligning all systems through frequency adjustment. Aligning to certain frequencies is a form of entrainment. When the more powerful and dominant frequency is constant the rest of the near vibrations will rise or lower to match the dominant frequency. The Law of vibration is the underbelly of sound entrainment which has been used for centuries in indigenous and shamanic cultures and groups who chant, use prayer and mantra together; Through this vibrational law, sound is used to entrain and bring together all systems to alignment in a powerful way.

Working with choirs for over twenty years and researching sound and its effects on consciousness for 20 has proven time and again that the most important currency; the most importance place of focused intent and investment is our own frequency. Our frequency is the key to our success.

Because of our fast past society technologically saturated environments we are living against nature and her natural process. Therefore since we are natural beings we have been living against the natural frequency of our internal true essence.

Because of this it is more likely and easy for our system to be thrown off balance in this type of environment. It is like we are living in a toxic soup. In order to rise above the toxic soup we must invest in and maintain our frequency. This is how we adapt and become stronger in a more unstable environment.

Our bodies react to any negative or constrictive internal and external changes which cause the imbalances. The moment the imbalance is recognized, our bodies begin to emit a new vibrational frequency. When the constrictive stimulus is removed, harmony in the body can be achieved naturally, or in other instances, the vibrational field needs some assistance to return to its harmonic self.

Once we can allow ourselves the devotion of re-learning a natural balance for body, mind, soul -we have the ability to feel into the frequencies that become disharmonious, adjust and tune them BEFORE illness and dis-ease set in.

How do Tibetan singing bowls play into this?

When these sacred bowls are sounded, the begins to emit pure vibrational resonance that flows energetically through every single cell of the body. Tibetan bowls contain frequencies of release and non-resistance, unlike crystal bowls Tibetan singing bowls are created for release, theta state meditation and deep relaxation. Healing and harmony can only happen in a state of non-resistance.

This field of immense energy determines parts of the body where there are irregular energies in cellular imbalance, and within seconds, the vibrational frequencies are restored this to their natural state of wellness. In addition they have the ability to alter brain waves into a state of theta in which repatterining of the subconscious mind can take place and it is in this frequency range in which deep healing to occur.

Crystal Bowls do not do this. Tibetan bowls are thousands of years old and have been used for transcendental states of consciousness and awareness for a reason.

  • The benefits of a sound bath created by Tibetan bowls are endless but below are a few to take in:

  • They help reduce stress and anxiety in the user

  • The alleviate negative emotions and help lower blood pressure

  • The circulation and blood flow in our bodies can be regulated through the resonance of the bowls

  • They help with deep relaxation

  • They are commonly used for pain relief

  • They create and connect harmonies in your chakras

  • They help the user achieve mental and emotional clarity

  • They provide aid for the immune system to function well

  • They reduce fibromyalgia and psoriasis in users that sound the bowls during meditation

  • They can help improve the mental health of the user

  • They are often used by professionals during pain therapy

  • They have been shown to increase oxygen levels in the bloodstream

  • During mediation rituals, large Tibetan singing bowls stimulate the release of endorphins, dopamine, and serotonin

  • They are shown to ease hypertension

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