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This Lion's Gate Meditation and Activation by Aureliaslight is a sound and frequency activation meditation to assist humanity's Ascension process. Ascension is the merging of the 3D Self with the 5D Self.

Receive Aureliaslight (A Call to Remember) with *heart language and *light language for light workers, star seeds and those on the path. In order to move through this process, Spiritual Awakening must occur in which each person questions the material realm they are attached to. Download the full transmission Here

Healing and peeling off layers to trauma, false beliefs, conditions, and patterns are a vital part of the Awakening process. In order to get into and move into higher dimensional BEING on this earth plane, lower dimensional frequencies and consciousnesses must be faced, healed and let go of. We have incarnated on the earth plane as Divine Spiritual Beings and we are being invited to heal old karmic patterns, balance and master our Energy and ultimately Remember who we truly are. We have been invited to participate in this Game or Dream space on Earth in order to Evolve and advance our species into our multidimensional form.

This multidimensional form is our TRUE Nature as Divine Immortal Beings of Light and we are experiencing the unfolding of this as consciousness expresses itself. On earth plane we have Free Will but also a soul pre plan for our incarnation, we can choose to Evolve while being here in the human form or not. There is No judgement in the afterlife. As eternal beings our soul growth continues after this incarnation ends and we leave our avatar.

We do however have a rare and golden opportunity to become aware and super conscious while in our earthly dream state in order to Remember why we are here and what we are learning and experiencing. The earth plane is a very dense realm and a challenging school to play in. All incarnations are happening at the same time as time is only a perception here on the Earth plane. We are not linear beings living in a linear life or timeline, hence the Awakening and Ascension is a golden opportunity to have experiences in order to advance the soul's logos during the earthly incarnation.

Everything is energy and we are invited to merge with the higher aspects of our soul and express our true energetic soul print or soul code on this earth. We are here to Awaken, Remember and Ascend.

This is done on the inside, through the heart, and into the higher dimensional frequencies. Christ Consciousness is the process of Ascension.

John 10:34 Yeshua said to them, “Is it not written in your law, 'I have said, “Ye are gods ?

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