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The Summer Solstice or Litha Celebrates the Sun (Sol) it aligns with the element Fire!

Belonging to the element Fire, the Heart Official is associated with warmth, laughter and enthusiasm. Just as the summer season, associated with the Fire element, brings blossoming and maturing - the flowering of all the seeds planted in the spring - love is the blossoming of a human being. It is indeed who we are in full "bloom." Nowhere is such love felt more deeply than the Heart. Love is the current that connects us to each other as one, reaching the furthest corners of the kingdom of the body/mind/spirit with each heartbeat.

To every thing there is a season, and a time for every purpose under heaven. The Summer Solstice marks the longest period of daylight north of the equator, while south of the equator it is the longest period of darkness. In ancient times the summer solstice or midsummer was the time in which the Sun god Sol who has reached his greatest strength was sacrificed to the Great Mother so as to begin his journey back into the darkness to the underworld. Fire is used ceremonially to symbolize the great strength and masculine power within us. As we hold both the aspects of the divine masculine and feminine this solstice helps us to honor the masculine power within, action, outward movement, sheer force and will. When the masculine and feminine is in balance with in ourselves we are in harmony with the earth and all of existence.

Since this solstice revolves around the sun, you might light a candle and keep it lit for the entire day, especially if it is cloudy or raining. The fire from the candle light represents the sun and is a constant daily reminder of the power we hold inside.

Stones that would be used for this meditation are: citrine, amber, yellow tourmaline and tiger’s eye.

Set an intention to balance this chakra and be willing to face the things that are out of alignment with the truth of your being. This chakra called Manipurameans the seat of jewels. It is known as the power chakra for it is the source of your personal power and Will. The affirmations in this video below f repeated daily can help address some of the issues surrounding the chakra.

It is through this season and the sun’s power that symbolizes the power within each and every one of us. So that we may see the beauty of life, the intensity of being, the rapture of passion, and all its possibilities of creation and awareness, centered around the highest vibration of love.

I send you all my love and light for a beautiful, playful and joyful summer ahead

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