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Happy Rising! Did you brush your teeth, wash your face and have your morning beverage? How is your vibration today? Did you know we are in charge of our own frequency? N

o one else can do it for us and it is the MOST important thing to connect with when you rise.

And once you understand and master that idea, an extraordinary thing happens; you take your power back. We start to work WITH Source vibration and natural law instead of against it. This is not some new age junk- This is quantum physics. Vibration is just another way to describe energy. When we align to the vibrations that make us uniquely us we become utterly "magical" and feel totally FREE. Things seem to fall into place, serendipitous situations occur but most importantly we become authentically happy because we are CREATING it and there is zero resistance. But, when we are not in alignment or we are not in flow with vibrational harmony the opposite occurs. So believe you are worthy of starting your day in the highest vibrational state you can imagine. You deserve to flow with your life's Joy. And it is up to you to take yourself out of things (situations, relationships or thought forms) that bring your vibe down. Consciously bringing yourself into alignment and getting your vibrational ducks (in a row) is key.

Here are three ways to tap into a high vibration as soon as you open your eyes:

  • Put your hand on your heart and take a few deep breaths feeling grateful that you are ALIVE.

  • Set your alarm to a piece of music that brings you JOY and allows you to feel Free!

  • Stretch your body for two minutes while thinking of the things/people you are grateful for.

DO NOT CHECK YOU PHONE FOR AT LEAST 30 Minutes. NOW Go and Vibrate Love, Freedom and Gratitude. That is really all you need for an incredible life.

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