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This 45 minute sonic journey and guided meditation through sound and silence by Aureliaslight is a powerful Symphony for the Soul. This journey helps support the body's natural healing process but accessing the subconscious mind to connect and balance 7 main chakras, heart opening affirmations, and reprogramming of limited conditions. Aureliaslight sings subtle tones these codes activate dormant DNA and expand the auric fields. 


"Enchanted Songstress 
This enchanted songstress has elevated my soul's perception of love and beauty. This Sonic Journey & guided meditation with it's high vibrational selected frequencies and Aurelia's toning have brought me to a more clear awareness of life and love's potential. 
Simply put, her angelic voice and her musical/ spiritual prowess encourages the listener to trust this profound sound journey. 
Each and every time one listens it carries the participant one step closer to the mystery within" Listener/Fan 

"When she sings angels appear" Yoga teacher 

Her music "bathes the listener in waves of profoundly healing sound. To listen to this gorgeous recording is a magnificent gift to your soul. I cannot recommend it highly enough" Sonia Choquette (New York Times Best-Selling author of "The Answer is Simple" & "Love Yourself Live Your Spirit" 

"Magical, Mysterious, Romantic and Haunting, AURELIA'S music reflects the depth of her soul's profound journey through this precious lifetime and her graceful skill" Paul Avgerinos (Grammy award winning Composer, Artist and Producer) 

"If there was a heaven that is where she took me" Newtown Yoga Festival Participant 

"I stumbled upon Aurélia through her insanely celestial music on Spotify. 
Just take a deep breath and be ready to be lifted up. The compositions of her voice and music are gifts to be inhaled deeply and have the ability to lighten up the heaviest darkness. Nurturing, accessible divinity. Hugs straight from heaven
" (Step into the Power of your Voice) Workshop Participant

The Sonic Journey Experience

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