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The December Full Moon the last Full moon of this year is called the Full Cold Moon by some Native Americans tribes since this is the month that heralds in the cold winter season. It is also called the "Long Nights Moon" and the ancient European Pagans called this moon the "Moon before Yule" in honor of the last full moon before the powerful winter solstice. This full moon happens to fall on Thursday December 12 with it’s peak at 12:12am EST. How cool is that! 12/12 at 12:12 ? That is a lot of 12’s- but since I am a Pythagorean Numerology junkie that is a lot of 3’s! It is a special triple 3 lineup ? The powerful energy of the full moon plus the numerological values of the month, day and year add up to 3 3 3 including the universal year. This triple 333 also known as an Angel number or code is a reminder to trust and carry on. 3 is the number of creativity and its energetic resonance or vibration is Create ~Intuit ~ CREATE. You are divinely being guided through one of the most transformational periods of the last 10 years! Pay attention to your 6th sense- your intuition and internal guiding system. That system is based on your “feelings” especially all my fellow empaths. During this full moon focus on creating WITH the universal flow instead of against it. Remember your reality is working for you so trust the process albeit challenging at times. Try this: Before the last Full Moon of the year, set aside some quiet time and a place to meditate and then allow the open channel to create and express. ✍️ Draw ?Color ?Free write ?Hum or sing something ORIGINAL from your heart ? Create a piece of jewelry or dance; just CREATE without any barriers, judgement or negative self talk and welcome what comes to you. As a recording artist, composer and teacher I am an avid supporter of the creative process and the Flow state it organically creates. It is not only fun and rewarding but highly therapeutic. As the winter draws near connect inwards to the soul that wants to dance WITH you through the creative process. ❄️ And remember to start taking your extra Vitamin D!

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