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Academy of Music, Sound and Vibrational Healing

Digital Courses 

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Discover The Sacred Healing Power of Your Own Voice

Step Into The
Power Of Your Voice

for Women

Transform yourself into a more liberated and expanded version of yourself.

If you are ready connect deeply with your intuitive and psychic nature, acknowledge, heal and release old wounds? Then get ready to strengthen your connection to energy centers with your own voice in this powerful new course created especially for women's voices and women's needs. This course is jam packed with voice lessons and new ways to use and express your voice. It is full system to help you uninstall and old program and reinstall a new one!

Introduction to Vocal Sound Healing for the Heart

This introductory course created is created for those who would like to enter in the world of sound healing and learn to use their voice as an energetic tool for healing, spiritual alignment and empowerment. This short course is focused on the heart because it is through the heart that the most powerful energetic shifts can occur. 

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Foundations of Vocal Sound Healing for Root.png

Foundations of Vocal Sound Healing for the Root Chakra

The foundation of our energetic centers and our physical body lies in the root energy center. In order for all chakras to be in balance and flow properly the root chakra needs to be addressed as a primary force in moving out of survival mode, awakening the kundalini energy and moving into higher levels of consciousness. 

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