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If I cannot Fly Let me Sing

Your body is your instrument. We all have one and it truly is our temple and gift from God.

When we sing, musical vibrations move through us, altering our physical, emotional and spiritual bodies. Singing with a group is one of the most exhilarating and transformative of all. In my experience of being a choir director with 20 years teaching over 17,000 students singing with a group does something no other art form can do. It takes something incredibly intimate our solo naked voice creates something extraordinary. It all starts with a sound that begins inside and that sound is connected to a room of others and when it is combined with the sound energy of others it returns as an alchemical creation; HARMONY.

The Benefits of singing in a group are cumulative. The obvious ones are the endorphins (hormones of pleasure that are released). Sex and chocolate do this too, but singing can do a whole lot more. Oxytocin is released which reduces anxiety and stress. It also creates a feeling of connectedness and bonding which foster less loneliness and can help with overcoming addictions and depression. Cortisol is lower is those who sing. Numerous studies have proven the overall health benefits of group singing.

Another amazing benefit is that singing with a group similar to drumming with a group, can create brainwave and heart rate entrainment. Vibrations are contagious and being synced into a group that is of high intent is a powerful healing experience. It is very much like meditation but even better because it is collective, harmonious and uniquely powerful. When we connect hearts, minds, and spirits with SOUND we get an extraordinary kind of magic that touches beyond. It creates ecstatic euphoria a natural organic ecstasy.

Singing can soothe your nerves and also elevate your spirit. And the beautiful thing is that it doesn’t matter what you think you sound like, everyone can experience the extraordinary benefits of this Divine art.

It is no wonder why Bob Marley says “One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain.”

There is no pain when you connect to your soul and sing.

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